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We help our customers to reduce the development time with our short response time and delivery time. Certainly we deliver our products in small quantities and in lot size ONE.

Also we deliver high volum series products.

DCB Substrate we deliever in 4-5 weeks from the incoming order date.

Send us your sketch, we will let you know if we can produce and what the budget price is. Also we will inform you which kind of parameter would help to reduce the costs for samples and increase your profit on series products.

Beside the metalized ceramics we deliver evaporation material, sutter targets and sputter targets on demand. Let us know the specific composition and size. We send you a quote quickly.

Your sputter targets will be processed with our hot pressing system with compacting temperatures up to 2400°C for metals, ceramics and composite material. Our technologies result in very fine-grained microstructures.

Our Copper Plated Cermaic compount can be used in electronic applications and in other technical systems. The outstanding adhesion open new areas of technology.

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