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About us

HHI is Agent and Distributor a for metallized ceramic, advanced materials, thick film and hybrid circuits, PCB´s and dispensing and solderung systems.

We were established in 1999 as the leading German company specialized in the delivery of ceramic substrates, (direct copper bond) dcb-substrates oder (direct bond ceramics) dbc-substrates, metalized ceramic, titanium pressure sensors, MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composite) Diamond-Copper and Diamond-Silver heat spreaders.
Sputter Targets made from very special materials.

Up to your application you can use substrates with different metallization, thickness and finish. More detailed information about our major technologies and products you find on the pages on our website. In case of question give as a call or send a brief email.  

Key  Technologies:

CPC (Copper Plated Ceramics):
Power electronic, micro wave applications, LED- and Laser applications.  Al- and -Au-Wire bonding, soldering, glue.

AgENIG (NiAu finish on Thick Film), low cost Thick Film Substrate:
Micro wave application and others, for outstanding soldering, wire bonding and glue results.

DCB-Substrate (Direct Copper Bond) or DBC-Substrate (Direct Bond Copper):
DCB´s with different Cu-layer thickness on (Alumina Oxide) AL2O3 Substrate or (Aluminium Nitride) ALN-Substrate with NiAu, NiPdAu or Ag finish up to your application.

Thick film hybrids on the metal, Titanium:
By using Titanium we can make sensitive, reliable and cost effective strain elements and associated circuitry for applications such as pressure measurement.

MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composite:
Metal-Diamond composites such as aluminium-diamond, copper-diamond or silver-diamond are composite materials which allow to combine a high thermal conductivity (range from 300 to 650 W/mK) with a tailored (significantly reduced) coefficient of thermal expansion (between 6 to 12 ppm/K).

Sputter Targets for high Tech Applications:
We offer flexible solutions with respect to: Target Composition, Geometry, Size & Shape, Lot Size, Processing,
Design of Microstructure / Electrical / Magnetic Properties, Recycling and Traget Bonding.

Dispensing and Soldering Systems

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