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Sputter Targets for Class Coating

Glass Coating is applied for making refelctive layers for rear-view & wing mirrows, colored layers for decoration, insulation and infrared absorbent layers for architecural glass and automobile glass.

Web coating is applied for makimg diffusion barrier layers in food packaging, metallic decorative foils and hologram foils.

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Our partner has grown to be a world wide suppling producer of sputtering targets for architectural & automotive glass coating. WEB coating since 1990. We have successfully worked with many glass and WEB coating enterprieses to help them succeed. The target is compartible using in common cating systems e.g. BOC, Airco, Leybold and also customized designed to equip customer´s special coating system.

The target is made from typical average grain size < 50 µm raw material powder with purity 99,5 - 99,999%. Planar size L 1500mm x W 350mm x X Th (thickness) and rotatable size dia. x L 4000mm are available. Chromium target made by HIP process is the superior material we can offer for the most competitive price.

Element Formula Purity (%) Density (g/cm³)
Chromium Cr 99,5 - 99,99 7,19
Titanium Ti 99,6 - 99,995 4,51
Nobium Nb 99,9 - 99,95 8,4
Tungsten W 99,95 8,4
Tin Sn 99,99 7,75
Silver Ag 99,99 10,5
Zinc Sn 99,99 7,75
Aluminium Al 99,5 - 99,99 2,70
Zinc Aluminium SnAl 98/2wt% 99,9 - 99,99 7,1
Nickel Chrommium NiCr 80/20wt% 99,5 - 99,95 8,5
Zinc sulfide ZnS 99,99 4,1






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