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Sputtering Targets for Solar Cell and Photoelectric Coating

In the 21 th. century, the energy lack problem promotes the fast development of solar and photoelectric industries. With anticipative eyes our supplier has focused on the R&D of new sputtering targets materials applied for thin film coating on solar cell and photoelectronic since 1990.

We worked hard with the material and science institutes of several Universities and achieved the success to manufacture functional targets of AZO, GZO, ZnO, CdS by nano technology and HIP process. 

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Our targets of AZO, GZO, ZnO, CdS are made from very fine Nano powder and obviously charactered with high purity and density intrinsic interior instructor, then the thin film has excellent transparency and super electrical conductivity but low resistivity. Furthermore this thin film is economical, non-toxic and friendly to the environment.

We can providing both, typical target and new functional target for solar cell and photoelectric industrie. Particularly, our pure Molybdenum target made by powder metallurgical production process is really good at higher quality and density, distinguished homogeneous microstructure and enjoys the same good quality reputation like Plansee´s but better price.

Typical targets: Silicon, ITO 90/10, ZnAl, SiAL, and Molybdenum
Nwe functional targets: AZO, GZO, ZnO, CdS, ZnSe and GuG

Chemical and phycical specification:

Material Composition Purity Density Dimentionen
AZO 98%ZnO+2%AlO2O3
99,99% 5,6g/cm³ round,rectangular,
cylindrical + rotatable
GZO 95%Ga2O3+5%Al2O3 99,99% 5,5g/cm³ see above
ZnO pure ZnO 99,99% 5,6g/cm³ see above
CdS pure CdS 99,99 - 99,999% 4,2g/cm³ see above
Mo pure Molybdenum 99,9 - 99,97% 10,1g/cm³ see above

Monocrystallines Si

Polycrystallines Si

99,999 - 99,9999% 2,33g/cm³ see above


Chemical analysis sheet: AZO99,9%

Ca Ag Cd Fe K Mg Na Zr
0,001 0,00004 0,00005 0,001 0,001 0,0006 0,0008 0,0009
Ni Si Pb W Cu Al Mn Cr
0,0003 0,001 0,0002 0,0001 0,0006 0,0005 0,0008 0,0005


Chemical analysis sheet: ZnO99,99%

Fe Cr Ni Cr Mn Al Si Mg
0,001 0,001 0,001 0,001 0,0016 0,001 0,001 0,001


Chemical analysis sheet: CdS99,999%

Fe Ni Zn Hg Pb Sn Ti Si
0,00007 0,00002 0,0002 0,00002 0,00005 0,00002 0,00002 0,0002


Chemical analysis sheet: ITO99,99%

Cu Pb Fe S Ni Cd As Al Zn
0,000183 0,000468 0,000984 0,000153 0,000586 0,000385 0,0002 0,000153 0,000608


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